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Printable calendar worksheets make it easy to help kids develop and practice basic calendar skills while sneaking in handwriting, spelling, and number practice. I like to start my kids’ school days with calendaring worksheets to ease into schoolwork while giving them something important to do. 
That's why I created these calendar worksheets!
These editable calendars give you options for children of varying ages and capabilities. You can print the blank calendars, or you can edit the calendars to enter calendar numbers with your choice of font.
A preschooler or kindergartener that is not yet comfortable writing numbers can use stickers or stamps to fill in today’s date on the larger calendar that is printed in landscape mode (see above), or they can color in the number of the date. They can also color in the name of the month. Preschoolers and kindergarteners that need to work on their fine motor skills and building up hand strength for handwriting will benefit from these coloring, sticker, and stamp activities.
Kids that are comfortable writing their numbers and letters (kindergarten/first grade) can use the calendar printed in portrait mode (see above) to trace the month name and trace the number (or write the number) on the calendar.
Older kids can also practice date writing! It’s a great way to sneak in month and weekday spelling practice!

A first or second grader can use the most basic date writing worksheets to write the date in the form Month Day, Year. For example, “August 24, 2020” (above).

A second or third grader can use the date writing worksheets with smaller lines and add the weekday into the date. For example, “Monday, August 24, 2020” (above).

Older kids get to practice digital date writing. For example, 8/24/2020 (above).

I’ve made it easy for you to start your school year with calendaring work by creating this monthly calendar worksheet bundle for you!

All you have to do is:

Purchase the worksheets below

Download the PDF 

Type in the numbers if you want your student to trace numbers 

Print the worksheets that you want to use 

Put your worksheets in a morning work binder or folder for your students.

Here's what you get when you purchase:

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, so you receive a PDF instantly!

Monthly calendars for all 12 months, including summer months.

A different cute season-appropriate design for each month.

Extra bonus designs for November, December, and July.

Monthly designed calendars in both landscape and portrait modes.

The dates on each calendar are blank, so you can use these worksheets for years to come.

Each calendar is also editable so that you can enter some or all of the dates for each month in your choice of font.

Monthly date writing practice for three different levels of capabilities.

Monthly date writing practice worksheets match the design of each month.

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